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Black Lives Matter

Sky Diamond Jewelers is a minority owned business that is deeply committed to fairness, trust, transparency, and integrity. Staying true to our values makes supporting the fight for equality and standing up against systemic racism and oppression, a cause that we can not only stand behind, but lead in our community. 


We’ve used this time, since the murder of George Floyd, to educate ourselves on the history and matters surrounding the BLM movement. More importantly, we questioned ourselves on how we could contribute to the changes that we hope to see around us. By using the platform we’ve built, and the tools that we have, we designed a bracelet as an affirmation and testament to our efforts, that can be worn by all. Wearing this bracelet will remind you of the daily fight for equality. Wearing this bracelet shows others that you stand to support change. Wearing this bracelet means you are contributing to organizations that make positive and influential impacts in our community and for our people. 

We are a company who stands behind our words with our actions. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these bracelets will go directly to two organizations that we can whole-heartedly stand behind. We are committed to closing the gap from the disparities suffered from generations of systemic oppression, and to rewriting the future, that includes an end to racism, for all.


Isreal Morales

Owner, Sky Diamond Jewelers



The Boys & Girls Club of Newburgh & The NAACP

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