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The Sky Diamond Difference means that you will receive top quality product and great service for each purchase you make with us.


A majority of our fine jewelry pieces are designed and produced in-house. When we create our own pieces, it means that we can afford YOU quality and style without breaking the bank and remaining competitive on price. Our diamond and gemstone cases are filled with the most beautiful 14k and 18k gold jewelry, using fine quality diamonds and all-natural gemstones. No lab created rocks or commercial styles around here! Our relationships with our vendors are very important to us too. We work with a handful of jewelry designers, with like values, that create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs, nothing short of spectacular. We keep up on today's jewelry trends that are still endlessly classic and beautiful. 


Our Diamonds. We use high quality diamonds in our diamond fashion and gemstone jewelry, staying within the range of G, SI clarity and better. Larger stones for engagement rings are hand selected based on your budget and desires. We customize a presentation for you, based on your discussed preferences, to allow you to choose your unique diamond for its individual brilliance and fire. We promise to maximize your investment by finding you the best quality diamond for your grade range using GIA graded diamonds. 

Upgrade Program.

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